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To book a range or any event just call 07733 064339 - or you can just show up and shoot*

To book a range or any special event just call us on 07733 064339 and we will book you in over the phone there and then! It's that simple...


Pre-booking ensures your range or place at any event.

Alternatively you can just turn up at anytime as we usually have a range free!

*Please note we cannot guarantee range time unless you pre-book.

Prices for Members*

All ranges 

£6 per hour

Prices for Non Members*

All ranges

£10.00 per hour


Fixed prices:

£20 per hour members

£25 per hour non members

For your convenience we are open from 12pm until 9pm Monday-Friday and then from 9am until 9pm at weekends.

We strongly advise you to become a member and benefit from all the discounts and range advantages that membership brings...

Some ammo is free depending on membership status. You may bring your own Air Gun or Air Soft ammo if you wish. For special events, ammo is covered to a degree. But if you want to blow up Zombies on full Auto for an hour you may have to dig a little deeper for that extra ammo to help save the world!

Call 07733 064339

To Book Range Time